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Born In Ireland

Our Story

Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of design and craftsmanship in Ireland, Pewpols offers exquisite handmade spectacles that reflect the beauty and culture of the Emerald Isle. Whether it is an Aran jumper, a piece of glassware, a jewelry item, or a woven blanket, Ireland's tradition of handmaking beautiful, timeless items is embedded in our culture. Each and every Pewpols frame is named after an important icon or landmark and embodies the timeless elegance and charm of our stunning homeland.

Niall O'Sullivan Pewpols Founder

The Founder

Pewpols was established in 2019 by Irish designer Niall O’Sullivan. He strives to create flawless and exquisite eyewear inspired by the past that surpasses all expectations. Niall devots months to each of his designs, handpicking the finest acetate and lenses from Italy and elegant handmade accessories from small makers to compliment each Pewpols frame."

"As a futurist, I’m deeply attuned to what is at the cutting edge. I draw inspiration from what resonates with me and reinterpret it in my own way. Vintage eyewear has always been my compass, shaping the fundamental silhouettes of our designs. Recently, I’ve gravitated toward simplicity—creating clean, timeless shapes that enhance people’s features. Being intentionally different isn’t my goal. Instead, I immerse myself in research, observing the world around me daily. This holistic approach allows me to draw inspiration from unexpected sources.  I’m a quiet contributor, content to let my work speak for itself. For Pewpols, subtlety prevails over loudness. Our focus remains on our customers, our brand ethos, and our unique direction as an emerging Irish brand.